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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Smell ya later, Cowboy Joe

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MLB: Cleveland Indians at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Jeff Wilson’s first offseason newsletter covers how the 2021 season for the Texas Rangers didn’t feature much mirth.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers have said that they want to spend this winter but it’s hard to buy your way out of 100-loss jail.

Levi Weaver took the time to hand out a grade for each of the Rangers pitchers for their efforts in 2021.

Grant has the Rangers going pretty hard in the paint in free agency in an extremely early 2022 roster projection.

Brice Paterik writes about the former Rangers we can root for this October with the actual Rangers set to begin their long hibernation.

And, Joe West stuck around long enough to break a record and is now set to waddle off into the sunset where his tyranny can be buried and forgotten at long last.

Have a nice day!