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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

This and that

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Texas Rangers

Good morning.

Evan Grant ponders if since “now’s the time to buy stock” is the motto for the Texas Rangers this winter, what is the message that the rest of the AL West is sending?

Despite the thought that free agents might jump at offers due to the uncertainty of the upcoming CBA battle, Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers aren’t sensing any urgency.

Trevor Story is the focus of the fourth and final instalment of Levi Weaver’s look at the loaded shortstop class this winter.

Randy Arozarena, and not Adolis Garcia, won the 2021 AL Rookie of the Year award but, as Kennedi Landry writes, the Rays outfielder shares the honor with his former roommate El Bombi.

And, Rangers prospect Justin Foscue was among the stars of the Arizona Fall League yesterday as he hit his fifth dinger in 16 games.

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