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MLB clubs to provide housing to most minor leaguers

MLB has announced that, beginning in 2022, teams will cover the cost of housing for most minor league players

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MLB announced today that major league teams will cover the housing costs for most minor league players beginning in 2022.

The fact that players are required to pay for their own housing in the minors, despite the fact that they frequently are moved around and make very little money, has been an issue that has garnered more and more attention in recent years. MLB is finally addressing this, agreeing to provide housing with at least one bed for player and no more than two players per bedroom. Clubs will also pay the “basic utility bills” at the club-provided housing.

The only players who are not covered under this are players on the 40 man roster who are in the minors, as well as players on a minor league contract who are making at least $100,000 on that minor league deal. Presumably, they are seen as making enough money to be able to pay their own way.

Players do have the right to opt out of the club provided housing, should they wish, but I suspect most players will happily accept this opportunity. Its a small step in the right direction by MLB.