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LSB Fundraiser — Alpha Upsilon

Alpha Upsilon is a non-profit working with kids and young adults on the spectrum

This is Seth along with one of the Alpha Upsilon volunteers at an AU event earlier this month

Good morning, folks...

I am interrupting our Cyber Monday Texas Rangers coverage to mention a fundraiser I am involved in.

As many of you know, my 15 year old son, Seth, is on the spectrum. We have been very fortunate to have worked with a lot of wonderful folks over the years who have done great work with Seth to help him maximize his potential, to where he is now a happy, smart kid whose brain works a little differently than most other folks, and someone who will, when he gets older, will be able to have a job and be largely self-sufficient.

A couple of years ago, some of Seth’s former teachers got together to form an organization they dubbed Alpha Upsilon. The purpose of the organization is to work with older kids and young adults who are on the spectrum in order to provide both social events to get them out and about to work on their social skills, and provide avenues to work with them on vocational skills.

AU did some events in late 2019 and early 2020, and I worked with them to put together the requisite paperwork and get AU registered as an official non-profit corporation with the State of Texas in February, 2020. Then COVID hit, just as things were getting going, and everything was largely put on hold for a while.

As things have shifted back towards normalcy in 2021, AU has started back up again and started hosting monthly events again in September. The photo you see above is from the November event, where we had around 50 people, including close to 20 kids, for a Friendsgiving social that included families — that is Seth with one of the folks who is volunteering their time at AU events. Next week, AU will be taking a group of kids out to the Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo.

I’ve put my time and money into helping get AU off the ground, because I know how great the people who started it are, and I know how Seth has benefitted from them being in his life. I also know how passionate these folks are about working with these kids, and I want to be able to assist however I can in helping AU grow and succeed.

One of the things that AU needs is a website, where upcoming events can be posted, resources can be provided, and folks can reach out to get more information about the group. Creating a website costs money — we are estimating the cost is several thousand dollars.

And thus, the purpose of this post. Y’all have been generous with fundraisers we have done in the past, and so I wanted to ask y’all to consider giving a few dollars to help defray the costs of developing a website for Alpha Upsilon. Just a small donation can make a big difference, and help AU better be able to support these special kids.

If you would like to contribute any amount, you can send your donation via PayPal to You can also do Venmo at Adam-Morris-102.

My thanks to you for your reading this all the way to the end, and my thanks to those of you who choose to give, whatever the amount.