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Rangers, Seager agree on $325M deal

The Rangers and Corey Seager have reportedly agreed to terms on a 10 year, $325 million deal

National League Championship Series Game 3: Atlanta Braves v. Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images

MLB Rumors: Corey Seager is leaving the Los Angeles Dodgers to join the Texas Rangers, with Jeff Passan reporting it is a 10 year, $325 million deal with limited no trade protection and no opt outs.

Remember what Jon Daniels said when Joey Gallo was traded? No more half measures?

He’s been good to his word. The Rangers have now landed Corey Seager and Marcus Semien — arguably two of the top three free agents in this class — for a combined $500 million. Oh, and they’ve also picked up Jon Gray on a 4 year deal to fortify the rotation.

Corey Seager is an elite player entering his age 28 season. We wrote earlier today about Seager, and so rather than re-hash all of that, you can check it out here.

But the Rangers now have the best middle infield in baseball, and will likely have Josh Jung and Nathaniel Lowe on the corners.

There is still work to do — maybe the guy who was Matt Stafford’s center at Highland Park High School wants to come back home — but this team is a hell of a lot better right now than it was 72 hours ago.