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Three Rangers become free agents

Charlie Culberson, Brock Holt and Jordan Lyles are officially free agents

Boston Red Sox v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

There were 160 players who became major league free agents today. Three of them are — or were, now — Texas Rangers.

Charlie Culberson, Brock Holt and Jordan Lyles are all officially off the Rangers 40 man roster and are free agents. The Rangers have exclusive negotiating rights with them through November 7, at which point free agency officially begins and players are free to sign with any other team. Teams also have until November 7 to exercise most team options, and to make qualifying offers to eligible free agents, but that is moot for the Rangers, who have no team options to decide on and will not be making a qualifying offer to any of their three free agents.

This also would appear to answer the question about Spencer Patton and his contract status. As we have previously discussed, Patton does not have enough service time to be a major league free agent, but most veteran players coming over from Japan have clauses allowing them to be a free agent after their initial deal expires. That, for example, is why Chris Martin became a free agent after the 2019 season (and why he is a free agent again now).

Patton apparently didn’t have that clause in his contract, so he is still under team control for the time being, though it remains to be seen whether the Rangers choose to hang on to him through the offseason.