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Adolis misses A.L. ROY finalist cut

Rangers outfielder Adolis Garcia was not one of the three finalists for American League Rookie of the Year

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Adolis Garcia, the Texas Rangers outfielder who was named the 2021 Sporting News American League Rookie of the Year, was not one of the finalists for the official American League Rookie of the Year Award, it was announced today. Wander Franco and Randy Arozarena for the Rays and Luis Garcia for the Astros were the three finalists.

While this is disappointing, and Adolis has a solid ROY case, so do the three finalists, as well as several others in the A.L. On Twitter, folks seem most upset about the inclusion of Franco, who played at an All Star level while in the majors, but who only had 70 games due to the Rays playing service time games with him.

The thing is, though, the Franco didn’t miss the first half of the major league season because of injury, or performance, or anything else having to do with him. He was worthy of being in the majors all year. I have a hard time punishing him because the Rays wanted to manipulate his service time.