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Sunday morning Rangers things

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

Veritex Bank Championship - Round Two Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Good morning, folks...

I’ve been out there checking around for Texas Rangers news this morning, and, well...

Over at Fangraphs, David Laurila has his Sunday notes column up.

In non-baseball news, author Anne Rice has died. I’m a fan of a lot of Anne Rice’s work, though like Norman Mailer, while her best work is transcendent, she also has written a fair amount of really terrible books, as well. The first time I made that comparison, the listener was horrified that I would compare Anne Rice to Norman Mailer, but I think for this limited purpose the comparison is apt — their best work is among my favorite things I’ve ever read, they’ve both written a lot of things I’ve enjoyed, and they’ve also written some of my least favorite books either — terrible, and very long.

In any case, I named my daughter, Rowan, after the main character of Anne Rice’s “The Witching Hour.” Or at least I got the name from the main character — I’m not sure I would say I named her after Rowan Mayfair, the neurosurgeon/witch who is the protagonist in that book (as well as the two sequels, which fall in the “unbelievably, painfully bad” category), particularly given Rowan Mayfair’s career arc — but that’s semantics.