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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: Cleveland Indians at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Wilson observes that Corey Seager has hit well at Globe Life Field and that the new park is probably a selling point to free agents.

Levi Weaver tells us that the four factors that brought two of the most sought after free agents to Arlington were the facilities, the people the Rangers sent to the meetings, their salesmanship of a brighter future, and money.

In the Rangers’ courtship, neither Seager nor Semien shied away from being the scaffolding that a contender is built upon.

The Rangers’ are interested in some of the Reds’ starting pitching and likely have a surfeit of minor league middle infielders that they could trade to make that happen.

Baseball has entered its first work stoppage since 1995 as the CBA expired last night, though 1995 was a good year for the Rangers, so yay!

Have some questions about the lockout? has a FAQ up about the negotiations.

They also have a letter to the fans from commissioner Robert Manfred.