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Celebrate the new infield with a new Ranger shirt or mug!

BreakingT has a new shirt out recognizing the Rangers’ new middle infield

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The Texas Rangers now have the best middle infield in baseball, with Corey Seager at shortstop and Marcus Semien at second base. And what better way to celebrate this that with a Seager and Semien t-shirt from BreakingT?

The folks at BreakingT have just rolled out a 2022 Rangers Seager/Semien t-shirt, just in time for the holidays. Just because there’s a lockout doesn’t mean you are locked out from getting some new Rangers gear! Its also a great gift option with the holidays coming up.

You can buy your Seager/Semien shirt by clicking here.

UPDATE — You can also get a Seager/Semien ‘22 coffee mug now, as well, at the link above: