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BA’s top 10 Ranger prospect list is out

Baseball America’s top 10 prospect list for the Rangers is out today

Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Baseball America’s top 10 Texas Rangers prospect list for 2022 is out today, and as would be expected, Jack Leiter is at the top of the list, followed by Josh Jung and Cole Winn — the consensus top three prospects in the Rangers’ organization.

Of note with Jung — who BA thinks will start the 2022 season in Round Rock — is that he had, per their write-up on him, a 91.1 mph average exit velocity in 2021. That will play, and bodes well for his ability to be a solid middle of the order bat for the Rangers.

The biggest surprise on the list, for me, was Dustin Harris cracking the top five — obviously, Harris generated a lot of talk here in 2021, and he has a lot of helium, but I was not expecting him to be a top five guy in the system. Also of note is Evan Carter, who made the top 10 list despite missing most of 2021 with a back issue, and who also registered an average exit velocity of 91 mph.