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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Remember when MLB existed?

Texas Rangers David Clyde’s Parents Set Number: X17802 TK1 R10 F30

Good morning. It’s only been a week since the Texas Rangers were about to pair Corey Seager with Marcus Semien and then baseball shuttered itself. Feels like months.

Jeff Wilson writes about what the Rangers could be looking to do to continue improving the roster once the lockout is resolved.

At the height of Texas’ spending frenzy, Jared Sandler took some time to talk about the moves and how they will alter expectations moving forward.

CBS Sports’ R.J. Anderson hands down an A grade for the Rangers for their pre-lockout maneuverings.

Seeing Scott Boras at a press conference in Texas to announce a mega contract for a young superstar shortstop might have brought back memories to a winter some 20 years ago, but Jamey Newberg writes that the calculated effort to dig the franchise out of a moribund state reminded him more of Tom Grieve’s dealings in 1988.

And, Kennedi Landry was allowed to write a story on the official site about Rangers’ scout Takeshi “T-Money” Sakurayama being named Scout of the Year.

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