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BP Top 10 Rangers prospect list out

Baseball Prospectus has their top 10 list for the Texas Rangers out this morning

Surprise Saguaros v Glendale Desert Dogs Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Baseball Prospectus has their 2022 Texas Rangers top 10 prospect list out, and the guys at the top are who you would expect — Jack Leiter, followed by Josh Jung. Leiter is viewed as a low risk, high ceiling guy who should be ready soon, while Jung has put the concerns about his ability to hit for power in game action to rest.

A couple of noteworthy items in their rankings...Justin Foscue is ahead of Cole Winn, which is a mild surprise, although they see Foscue as an impact bat who will have significant value regardless of where he places. Glenn Otto and A.J. Alexy are also higher than I would have expected, though not unreasonably so.

BP is also still (relatively) bullish on Spencer Howard, despite his pretty awful 2021 season, though obviously there are major questions with Howard and whether he can harness his command well enough to make it through the lineup more than once. And Dennis Santana also has caught their eye, interestingly enough.