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Wednesday Morning Links

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Levi Weaver takes a moment to mourn the passing of a Ranger era as Elvis Andrus falls victim to the cruel ravages of both time and the Oakland Athletics.

On the other end of that trade, Khris Davis spoke to DFW media about how he feels to be coming to Texas after all of the abuse he’s showered upon us over the years.

Davis wants to return to his homering ways and says the unusual circumstances of the 2020 season affected his play.

Josh Jung will be starting the 2020 in AAA so he can get consistent at-bats.

Jeff Wilson looks at the upsides and downsides of attempting to sign Joey Gallo to an extension.

MLB has updated their harassment and discrimination policy regarding recent revelations about former Mets GM Jared Porter and current Angels pitching coach Mickey Callaway. Reading the allegations about them makes me wonder if these guys are following the Boomhauer seduction protocol or if making women uncomfortable (rather than seduction) is the point of the exercise.

Round Rock is once again the Rangers’ AAA affiliate, and will be for the next decade.