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BA, Law both rank Rangers farm in bottom third

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Both Baseball America and Keith Law have the Rangers ranked 24th in MLB in their MLB farm system rankings out today

Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Baseball America and Keith Law each have released their organizational rankings for MLB farm teams today, and, well, the best thing you can say about the Texas Rangers is that they are consistent.

Baseball America has the Rangers ranked #24 in their organizational rankings.

Keith Law has the Rangers ranked #24 in his organizational rankings.

BA has had the Rangers in the bottom third for several years in a row now, and each year we tend to say, well, they’re underrating the Rangers, the farm system is deep, Texas has some guys ready to break out that they aren’t properly giving credit to. And then it turns out that the overall results are consistent with a bottom third farm, that yeah, the farm is deep and a couple of guys maybe broke out but there’s still more role players and middle relievers and very little impact talent...but the next year we agree that, well, its different this year.

And thus here we are again, and its the same as it ever was. BA says there are exciting guys but they are far away, Keith says the Rangers have been hurt by injuries and what has been a decade of development failure, and you can’t really argue with them there. The Rangers implemented major changes in how they are doing things recently, and one of the things we would have wanted to see in 2020 is how those changes were working and whether strides were being made, but the pandemic sent astray these mice and men’s best laid plans, and so we head into spring 2021 with much the same questions we had heading into 2020 about the direction of the farm.

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