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Keith Law’s top 20 Rangers prospect list is out

Keith Law’s top 20 Texas Rangers prospect list is out today

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Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Keith Law’s 2021 Texas Rangers top 20 prospect list is out at the Athletic today. Leody Taveras and Josh Jung are 1 and 2, which we knew from Leody’s inclusion at #44 on Keith’s top 100 list, and Jung’s inclusion on the “just missed” list. Keith says the Rangers should just roll with Leody in center field for 2021 — he’s generally been the high man on Leody in terms of the prominent national ranking services.

Law’s list has the same top four that everyone has as the top four in some order when ranking the Rangers’ prospects — it is kind of interesting that the clear top tier in a system whose strength is widely considered to be the potential high-impact talents in the lower minors are four guys who are close to major league ready, but then, part of the reason the Rangers’ system doesn’t rank higher is because the degree of uncertainty surrounding the high-impact guys in the lower minors.

Keith notes that this is a system that could see some big changes in its overall ranking and in the ranking of players within the system this year, given the high upside guys who didn’t have a chance to show their stuff in 2020, and he has Cole Winn, Maximo Acosta and David Garcia relatively high on his list. He also flags Davis Wendzel, the 2019 supplemental first rounder out of Baylor, as someone who could break out this year.