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Thursday Morning Links

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SFChronicleVirusBaseball Carlos Avila Gonzalez/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

Levi Weaver has a preview up of the Rangers’ spring training.

Evan Grant has a mailbag column that covers when he expects the Rangers to be competitive again, the value in watching a losing team, and whether he thinks the Rangers have been good at developing minor league talent.

Chris Woodward is preaching patience and flexibility for the 2021 season, and Jon Daniels and Chris Young haven’t made it to Arizona yet because of the weather.

Demarcus Evans is unlikely to be ready to start the season due to a strained lat.

Mac Engel says Chris Woodward is in the crosshairs in his first season under a new general manager.

Woodward expects Kyle Gibson, Kohei Arihara, and Mike Foltynewicz to be part of the starting rotation this year, which leaves two spots with question marks.

Rhett Bollinger takes a look at the middle infields the AL West will be sporting this year.