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Fangraphs top prospect list has three Rangers

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Fangraphs and ESPN each have three Rangers prospects in the back part of their top prospect lists

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Fangraphs has their top prospect ranking list out today, and while it is called a top 100 list, it is, as is generally the case at Fangraphs, a little more than 100 players.

This year, the top 100 prospect list runs to 133 players, which includes every player they have a 50 FV or higher grade on. The Rangers place three on the board, all towards the end, with Josh Jung coming in at #109, Leody Taveras at #121, and Yerry Rodriguez at #124. Longenhagen has long been very bullish on Yerry — as well as former Ranger prospect Heriberto Hernandez, who comes in at #131 — so it isn’t shocking to see him make the cut. Longenhagen has also been dismissive of Sam Huff’s ability to stay behind the plate — he’s treated him as a future 1B — and so it is understandable Huff isn’t on the list.

As for Dane Dunning, the other member of what is considered to generally be the top tier of Rangers’ prospects, he didn’t make the list. Longenhagen had him as a 45 FV last spring, when he was recovering from Tommy John surgery, and I suspect he has him as a 45+ when the Rangers rankings come out.