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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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I miss the movie Groundhog Day

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Good morning.

Sam Blum notes that Delino DeShields has rejoined the Texas Rangers on a minor league deal.

Kennedi Landry writes that the Rangers officially announced that DeShields and Sam Gaviglio had signed with each receiving and invite to spring training.

Jeff Wilson ponders how the outfield will will be shaped now that DeShields is back in the mix with the Rangers.

Keith Law reveals that Josh Jung was on his “just missed” list from his top 100 prospects while also giving his thoughts on Jung as a prospect.

Landry provides a top five debut seasons list for the Rangers that includes some of the best seasons in team history.

Levi Weaver builds a whole team out of homegrown talent during Jon Daniels’ 15-year tenure as Rangers’ general manager.

The Nolan Arenado trade is official. The Cardinals get Arenado, $50 million dollars, and give up some middling prospects that they can recoup via free the free competitive advantage draft pick they receive every year. Cool sports league you got there, MLB.

And, Jeff Passan writes about former Rangers prospect Drew Robinson’s second act after a suicide attempt. I strongly recommend reading this one but take caution if this is a sensitive subject.

Be well!