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Drew Robinson coming back from suicide attempt

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Former Ranger Drew Robinson attempted suicide in April, lost an eye, recovered, and is now trying to make it back on the field

MLB: SEP 26 Rangers at Angels Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Drew Robinson, the former Texas Rangers infielder who was with the San Francisco Giants last spring, is the subject of a long, impactful piece by Jeff Passan today.

Robinson attempted suicide in April of 2020 — he shot himself in the head while sitting on his couch in his home. Miraculously, he didn’t die — instead, he spent 20 hours with a hole in his head, with a destroyed right eye that he ultimately lost, grappling with what he had done and how to go forward before finally dialing 911 and getting medical help.

What could have been the end of Drew Robinson’s life instead has turned into a new beginning, and he is back on a minor league deal again with the Giants. He will be working this spring to try to make it back on a roster, to try to overcome the odds — how many professional baseball players do you know who are missing an eye?

But the story of Drew Robinson, set out in this article, is about how he emerged from this tragedy as a new man, someone who changed and who has a new purpose.

You should take the time to read this.