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Bauer, Mets close to deal, per reports

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Trevor Bauer and the New York Mets are reportedly close on a deal expected to be three years

Wild Card Round - Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves - Game One Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

MLB Rumors: Trevor Bauer and the New York Mets are close on a deal, per multiple reports. Bob Nightengale tweeted a few minutes ago that there was a deal in place, but then Mark Feinsand said there was not a deal yet, so it is apparently not done.

Still, it appears that Bauer is heading to New York on a deal expected to be either three or four years, but with Bauer getting an opt-out after 2021. Bauer famously said a few years back that he would only sign one year deals once he became a free agent, though he backed off on that most recently. Still, an opt out gives him the security of a longer term deal with the freedom of a one year deal, providing the best of both worlds.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were the other team that were supposedly in the mix, although they appear to have pretty much faded, based on reports. Jon Heyman is saying that the offer from the Mets is 3 years for “close to $100M,” and the deal is thought to be front-loaded, with one report saying Bauer would get $37 million in 2021.

Bauer won the National League Cy Young Award for the Cincinnati Reds last year, establishing himself as the top free agent pitcher in this year’s class. He has the opportunity, if the reports about the opt out are true, to be the top free agent pitcher in next year’s class, as well.