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Sunday morning Rangers things

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Sunday morning Rangers news and links

2011 World Series - Preview Day
This seems like decades ago
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Good morning, folks...

I’m not sure if you heard, but there was a trade yesterday.

Elvis Andrus was traded to the Oakland A’s yesterday, and said in a Zoom call that he’s in a different place in his career right now than where the Rangers are as a team.

Evan Grant says that moving Elvis means that the team now is moving forward with no lingering ties to the great Rangers teams of the teens.

Levi Weaver has an analysis of the deal and the questions that remain.

Jeff Wilson writes about what Elvis has meant to the Rangers, and what this trade does for the team.

The Athletic has a roundtable that looks at what each team is getting from this trade.

Kevin Sherrington says that, while the trade was a necessary move, Elvis Andrus will still be missed, which pretty much sums up my feelings about it.

The DMN offers up five memorable moments from Elvis’s time with Texas.

MLB Pipeline, which had Jonah Heim at #9 on the Oakland A’s top 30 prospect list, slots him in at #26 on the Rangers’ list, which is either indicative of the Rangers’ stronger and deeper farm system, or an indication that the Rangers didn’t even get a good prospect in this deal, depending on your mindset.

Joey Gallo talks about Drew Robinson and how Robinson opening up about his issues with depression can help other players.

A couple of things that I thought noteworthy from the stories today...

First, Jon Daniels went to Elvis about the trade on Thursday and had been working on the deal for a week, which means that this is was in motion for a while without it leaking. That’s interesting.

Second, Elvis talked about how he wasn’t ever really healthy last year because of back problems, and it sounds like he and the team got a little crosswise over that. Elvis has reportedly been dealing with back problems for the past few seasons, and that’s one of those things, as we’ve seen with Shin-Soo Choo, that seem to never go away. I’ll be rooting for Elvis to get things back on track with the A’s, but if the back issues he has been battling get worse, his major league future is going to be in doubt.