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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: Texas Rangers at Chicago Cubs Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law lists prospects he’d like to see in person this season for each organization, with current Ranger prospects Maximo Acosta and Tokeah Roby as well as former Ranger farmhand Osleivis Basabe making the cut.

The Rangers seem to be willing and able to sell as many tickets as fans will buy to games this season with the hopes that fans will be voluntarily compliant with practices to hamper the spread of COVID-19 at games. On an unrelated note, I’m still not letting adopters inside our shelter and I had an unmasked potential adopter on Sunday ask if I would drive a dog to his house and help him introduce her to his other dog.

Tim Cowlishaw has a grousing condemnation of that idea, if maybe not a thundering and/or damning one.

In theory, fans will be required to wear face coverings whenever they are not actively eating or drinking at their own seat.

Matt Bush is banking on still having one more comeback left in his tank.