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Texas Rangers lineups for March 13, 2021

The Rangers take on the Brewers and the Royals today

New York Yankees v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers play a 7 inning A game against the Milwaukee Brewers today, and a B game against the Kansas City Royals.

A Game lineup:

Taveras — CF

DeShields — DH

Holt — SS

Terry — 1B

White — RF

Ibanez — 3B

Martin — LF

Buyers — C

Culberson — 2B

The pitchers are:

Kyle Cody

Hyeon-Jong Yang

Brett de Geus

Jimmy Herget

The Game B lineup:

Tejeda — SS

Walker — LF

Jung — 3B

Adolis — RF

Heim — C

Wendzel — 2B

Apostel — 1B

Foscue — DH

Thompson — CF

Pitchers are:

Mike Foltynewicz

Matt Bush

Josh Sborz