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Lora in serious condition after accident

Rangers minor league outfielder Bayron Lora has been hospitalized and is in serious condition after a car accident

Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Texas Rangers minor league outfielder Bayron Lora was in a car accident in the Dominican Republic, according to Hector Gomez on Twitter. Gomez says one person has died and the others, including Lora, have been transported to a hospital. Lora is in serious condition.

Tragic vehicle accidents in the Dominican Republic have been in the baseball news all too often lately, with Yordano Ventura, Oscar Taveras and Andy Marte among those who have been killed in car crashes in the D.R. in recent years.

Lora was signed for a $3.7 million signing bonus in 2019 by the Rangers, and is considered one of their most well regarded prospects in the lower levels.

Gomez just tweeted that Lora is professing satisfactorily at the hospital.

We will update when we have more info.