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Texas Rangers lineup for March 20, 2021

Texas rolls out a pretty regular season looking lineup today

Texas Rangers v Colorado Rockies Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers play the Seattle Mariners in their latest spring game today, and it’s a pretty regular season-y lineup.

I doubt it’s the lineup we will see on April 1 — even taking into account that it will be Kyle Gibson, not today’s starting pitcher, Wes Benjamin, who will pitch the opener for Texas, the Kansas City Royals, the Opening Day opponent, will have righthander Brad Keller going, so even if Khris Davis makes the team he’s unlikely to be starting, as he is today.

Nevertheless, this is a lineup we could well see a few times in April.

The lineup:


Dahl — LF

Gallo — RF

Davis — DH

Odor — 3B

Solak — 2B

Lowe — 1B

Trevino — C

Taveras — CF

The pitchers will be:

Wes Benjamin

John King

Josh Sborz

Ian Kennedy

Nick Vincent