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Texas Rangers lineup for March 21, 2021

The Rangers play the Indians in Goodyear this afternoon

San Francisco Giants v Texas Rangers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup for March 21, 2021 against the Cleveland Indians.

Texas has a road day game against the Cleveland Indians today, and not only is it a very spring lineup, it’s a very interesting defensive alignment, with Ronald Guzman in left field, Davis Wendzel at second base and Eli White at first base. Guzman, of course, is seeking to increase his defensive versatility by playing some outfield this spring in order to give him a better shot of making the roster. Wendzel, drafted as a third baseman, is someone the team is giving reps to at shortstop and second base as well. And White hasn’t played first base since five games there in the Cape Cod League after his sophomore year at Clemson, but at 6’3” he has the height to play there, and as someone whose future role is seen as being a versatile bench guy, having a first baseman’s mitt wouldn’t hurt.

The lineup:

White — 1B

Ibanez — 3B

Guzman — LF

Terry — DH

Culberson — SS

DeShields — CF

Martin — RF

Butera — C

Wendzel — 2B

The pitchers will be:

Taylor Hearn

Jason Bahr

Nick Vincent

Brett de Geus

Jimmy Herget

Oh, hey, and there’s a B game too, against the Royals!

B game lineup:

Yonny — SS

Heim — C

Tejeda — DH

Adolis — LF

Apostel — 1B

Walker — RF

Thompson — CF

Foscue — 2B

Freeman — 3B

The pitchers:

Kohei Arihara

Hunter Wood

Sam Gaviglio

Hans Crouse