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Texas Rangers lineups for March 24, 2021

We have a pair of games today for the Rangers

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have an A Game and a B Game today, with the A Game being against the Reds in Goodyear and the B Game being against the Royals in Surprise.

And the B Game won’t be 9 innings. It will be 10 innings, instead.

The A Game lineup:

Taveras — CF

Lowe — 1B

Gallo — RF

Odor — 3B

Ibanez — 2B

Trevino — C

Culberson — SS

DeShields — LF

Tejeda — DH

Pitchers will be:

Hyeon-Yong Yang

Brett de Geus

Kyle Cody

The guys “backing up” those three are:

Spencer Patton

Hunter Wood

Fernery Ozuna

Alex Speas

The B Game lineup:

IkF — SS

Holt — 3B

Dahl — LF

Guzman — 1B

Solak — 2B

White — CF

Heim — C

Terry — DH

Martin — RF

The pitchers:

Mike Foltynewicz

Tyson Ross

Nick Vincent

Sam Gaviglio

Jake Latz