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Rangers exercise Woodward’s 2022 contract option

The Rangers announced Wednesday they picked up the 2022 option on Chris Woodward’s contract

Los Angeles Dodgers v Texas Rangers Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers have picked up manager Chris Woodward’s contract option for 2022, the team announced yesterday. Woodward, who was hired after the 2018 season, signed a three year deal with a club option for a fourth year when he signed.

The Rangers picking up Woodward’s option isn’t really a surprise — there is little indication at this point that Woodward’s job is in any sort of jeopardy, and by exercising the option now the team is showing Woodward that they are committed to him, and eliminating what would otherwise be a potential storyline in the media during the season. It doesn’t guarantee that Woodward will be back in 2022 — after all, they can just fire him and pay him off — but it is consistent with the reports that the team isn’t looking to move on from Woodward in the near future.

I know there will be folks who complain about this and think Woodward is a bad manager. I’m hesitant to opine too much on managers or coaches, as I don’t think I have nearly enough information to have a meaningful opinion on the topic. I think Woodward is fine, based on what I’ve seen, but what do I know.