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Dr. Bobby Brown has passed away

Fort Worth’s Dr. Bobby Brown, former major leaguer and A.L. President, died today at age

Bobby Brown, American League President Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Dr. Bobby Brown, long-time resident of Fort Worth, former New York Yankee third baseman, and former American League President, died today at the age of 96.

Brown had an incredibly rich and varied life, attending Stanford and UCLA before going to medical school at Tulane University. He signed as a 21 year old with the New York Yankees in 1946 and played third base for the Yankees from 1946 until he was drafted into the Korean War in 1952, costing him much of that season and all of 1953. He returned to the Yankees in 1954 but then retired, ultimately opening a medical practice in Fort Worth, having attended medical school during the baseball offseasons.

Brown was briefly interim president of the Texas Rangers in 1974, but otherwise was out of baseball until he retired as a physician in order to take the job of American League President in 1984. He served in that position until stepping down in 1994.