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Opening Day Links


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San Francisco Giants v Texas Rangers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

So Adam says I have to do the links at a reasonable time today, because his corporate overlords tell him that “whenever I crawl out of bed” apparently isn’t punctual enough. So here they are, bright and early, because Adam is a fascist.

The Athletic has a roundup of the AL West rotations, with commentary by the opposing teams and division beat writers, and the only quote from the opposition about the Rangers rotation is a mealy mouthed baseball version of “she’s got a great personality.”

Ranger concessions and merchandise vendors will not be accepting cash in 2021.

President Biden says that opening the Ranger season at full capacity is a mistake, so make sure and buy a ticket so you can own the libs.

Evan Grant has a rundown of the Opening Day roster and the organizational goals for 2021.

Wes Benjamin is looking forward to finally pitching a big league game in front of his family.

Kevin Sherrington has some predictions for the 2021 season, and is bearish on a home openre sellout.

Evan Grant’s prospect countdown hits number 2, Leody Taveras.

A Ranger exec explained the precautions being taken at Globe Life and how gathering 50,000 people during the tail end of a pandemic is a great idea.

A terrible season is a necessary prerequisite to future greatness, though not a guarantee of it.

Kennedi Landry has a rundown of her top 5 Opening Day Moments.

Kennedi’s inbox column discusses the probability of the Rangers drafting someone besides a Vanderbilt pitcher in the first round and the dismal state of the current bullpen.

Kyle Gibson is excited to have the opportunity to try to earn enough value to leave for a playoff team at the trade deadline.