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Wednesday Morning Links


Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Ronald Guzman has a torn meniscus and will be on the IL for an extended period of time, though Chris Woodward doesn’t think it will be season ending.

Given that the injury occurred on the very first fielding attempt in Guzman’s very first start in left field, I think this is what the oracles would call an ill omen.

Hitting coach Luis Ortiz says that the Ranger offense is like a planted seed, there’s not a whole lot going on above the surface because all the action is going on out of view.

Nick Solak came up big last night after struggling to open the season, and says “the game tests you in a lot of ways.”

It seems like everybody got in on the action last night in a 13 hit game that saw the Rangers score more runs than they had all week.

The Ranger offense has been pretty bad so far but Luis Ortiz has some sort of strained analogy about cars that explains it all.

Charlie Culberson and Kyle Gibson were given the postgame cowboy hat for their strong performances last night.