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Minor league roster limits raised for 2021

Full season minor league teams will have larger rosters this coming season

Frisco RoughRiders v Amarillo Sod Poodles Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Full season minor league affiliates will have roster sizes increased for the 2021 season, per Baseball America. Prior to 2021, all full season teams were limited to 25 players on the active roster, but that is going up as of this year.

AA and AAA rosters will now have a 28 man roster limits, an increase of three players over prior years. High-A and low-A rosters will have 30 man roster limits, an increase of five players.

With major league rosters having increased to 26 players as of last year, it would make sense that the 25 man limit in the minors would increase as well. Teams have tended to engage in machinations with the inactive list and 7 day injured list to manipulate minor league rosters — the Rangers have been very active and aggressive in that regards in recent years, supposedly to some other teams’ displeasure.

The increase to 28 players in the higher levels and 30 players in the lower levels should mean less of those sorts of active roster manipulation shenanigans. There should also be fewer instance of position players being called on to pitch, and position players being played out of position in the field.