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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Happy Doge Day!

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Kennedi Landry recaps the 6-4 win by the Texas Rangers over the hated Anaheim Angels last night.

Evan Grant writes that with all eyes on Shohei (Ohtani), it was Kohei (Arihara) who stole the show for the Rangers in the opener.

David Miller notes that the Rangers have had fairly remarkable success from their starting rotation so far in 2021.

Grant writes that the tandem starter system for the Rangers hasn’t looked like what you’d expect from a tandem starter system but it has been working out for Texas.

Landry notes that manager Chris Woodward isn’t looking for rigidity from the tandem starts but is instead after versatility.

Grant writes that the Rangers are hitting a very AL West-centric part of their schedule in the coming weeks which can serve as a mile marker for where they’re at in the division.

Jeff Wilson examines Willie Calhoun’s Sisyphean quest for everyday playing time with the Texas Rangers.

Levi Weaver writes about Jose Trevino’s hard work paying off in his first real chance to be the everyday catcher for the Rangers.

Grant writes about a trio of top-of-the-draft amateurs who could be intriguing to the Rangers with the No. 2 overall pick this summer.

And, Kyle Gibson’s early-season turnaround is notable for the Rangers within MLB dot com’s look at 30 stats for all 30 clubs.

Have a nice day!