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Latest BA mock draft has Rangers going prep bat

The Rangers go for a prep shortstop with the #2 pick in the latest Baseball America mock draft

Baseball Game at Yankee Stadium

2021 Draft: The latest Baseball America mock draft has the Texas Rangers taking Jordan Lawlar, the shortstop out of Dallas Jesuit, with the #2 pick in the draft. This mock has the Rangers passing on Kumar Rocker and Marcelo Mayer, generally considered the other two top tier players who would be on the board if the Pittsburgh Pirates take Jack Leiter with the first pick.

BA makes an oblique reference to Bobby Witt, Jr., in their comments, mentioning that another recent Metroplex prep shortstop with swing and miss concerns went second overall and was fine. Lawlar is a potential five tool player, the sort of guy who goes in the top few picks because he has superstar potential, though he’s obviously farther away and carries more risk than a college player would.

Its been noted that the Rangers have had Michael Young at some of Lawlar’s games, which would certainly suggest a heightened degree of interest. The draft is still a ways away, and a lot could still change between now and then, but the consensus right now seems to be that if Lawlar is on the board, Texas will likely take him.