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Get your Breaking T Nate Lowe t-shirt

Breaking T has rolled out a Nate Lowe “Nate the Great” t-shirt that is available now

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Texas Rangers first baseman Nate Lowe is off to a red-hot start to the 2021 season, with his 14 RBIs through five games being the most RBIs in the first five games in a season in Ranger history, and the most in MLB since Chris Davis had 17 RBIs in the first five games of 2013 for the Baltimore Orioles.

The Rangers acquiring Lowe in a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays for Heriberto Hernandez, Osleivis Basabe and Alexander Ovalles was controversial among Rangers fans, and there were some urging that he be sent down went he got off to a slow start this spring. That said, there have also been folks who have been Nate Lowe believers all along.

And if you’ve been on the Nate Lowe bandwagon for a while — or even if you’ve just now jumped on — you can represent your loyalty with “Nate the Great” gear from Breaking T:

Check out the Nate the Great options at Breaking T here.