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Pujols to the Dodgers, per reports

Albert Pujols is reporting signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

MLB Rumors: Albert Pujols is signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers, per reports. The future Hall of Fame was released earlier this week by the crosstown Angels.

This is a rather surprising move — Pujols seems largely limited to DH duty at this point, and the Dodgers, playing in the National League, don’t get to use the DH except when on the road in interleague play. As it is, Pujols would seem to be relegated to pinch hitting duties, and maybe the occasional start at first base against a lefthanded pitcher. The Angels had said Pujols did not want to have that sort of bench role, though he may feel differently about doing that for the Dodgers.

The 41 year old Pujols has spent his entire career with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Anaheim Angels, and is one of the best first basemen ever to play. That being said, he’s been more or less replacement level over the last several years. His splits against left handed pitchers haven’t been that bad, though, so it may be he would have some value as a late game option when the opponent brings a lefty into the game.