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Sunday morning Rangers things

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

MLB: MAY 15 Rangers at Astros Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning, folks...

The Rangers lost to the Astros by a score of 6-5 yesterday.

Jeff Wilson has his Rangers Reaction from yesterday’s loss.

Sam Blum has his game story from the Rangers’ fifth loss in a row.

Hunter Wood was called up to replace Wes Benjamin on the roster before Saturday’s game.

Jeff Wilson has a piece up at the S-T that can be summarized with that horse in the window meme that says “Soon,” except instead of the horse it is Demarcus Evans.

John King has excelled in the bullpen so far this season.

The DMN has notes on Hunter Wood, Kohei Arihara, Andy Ibanez, and Brock Holt.