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Texas Rangers prospect list out at Fangraphs

Fangraphs has a top 65 (yes, 65) prospect list for the Texas Rangers out

2021 Texas Rangers Photo Day Photo by Ben VanHouten/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Fangraphs has their Texas Rangers top prospect list out, and it checks in at a whopping 65 players...and that’s with guys like John King, Joe Palumbo and Brock Burke in the “Others” category. I know there are a few folks here who like to mock the idea that the Rangers have a deep system, but the Fangraphs list reflects that.

That said, this list is also reflective of the concern that there are a lot of interesting guys, but much less in the way of impact talent. Josh Jung is the only 50 FV player on the list, though there are four players who are at 45+, with the most notable being Steele Walker, who is actually one slot ahead of his former ChiSox farm-mate Dane Dunning on the Fangraphs board.

Its an interesting list, and given the volume of players, I wouldn’t get too hung up on the exact ordinal ranking (“Daniel Robert is 16 spots ahead of Curtis Terry!!!”) and focus more on the tiers.

The writeup mentions a couple of things that we have talked about quite a bit here. First, Longenhagen discusses the Rangers’ dramatic change in philosophy as it relates to how they are acquiring talent, shifting away from the toolshed focus and putting much more emphasis on approach and contact ability with position players, in particular. Second, Longenhagen talks about the 40 man roster issues the Rangers have looming, the tough decisions they may need to make in the next couple of offseasons, and how that will likely impact trade decisions.