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Week 5 Recap: Breaking the Weekend Series Curse

It was a pretty decent week for the Rangers

Boston Red Sox v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Season record: 13-16

Week 5 record: 4-3

Series record: 4-5

The highlight of the week is the Rangers breaking their weekend series curse. Up until this weekend, they’d lost every weekend series they’ve played in 2021. And not only did they snap that by beating the Boston Red Sox in a four-game series, they’ve now won both of the four game series they’ve played so far. Texas has beaten the reigning A.L. Champs in the Tampa Bay Rays, and now the current second place team in the A.L.

They go to Minnesota today to start their third four-game series to hopefully continue that streak.

Unfortunately the four home wins this week didn’t do much for the Rangers run differential at home, only bringing it up from -15 to -14.

Joey Gallo’s on-base streak ended this week at 23 games but there might have been another career moment for him this week too? Gallo was ejected in the 6th inning of Sunday afternoon’s game and it might have been the first of his career?

However, Willie Calhoun is on a streak of his own. He has a hit in nine straight games, the best in his career, and in Sunday’s game he was rewarded by being moved up to leadoff hitter.

The Rangers played the Angels earlier in the week at home but they won just the middle game thanks to two home runs by Nick Solak and Gallo’s second of the season.