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Minor league update for 6/10/21

Cole Ragans, Hans Crouse and Brock Burke all started today and had varying levels of success

The waning crescent Moon above Venus (at centre) and Jupiter (lower left) lined up across the dawn sky on December 31, 2018. Mercury was even lower but is not visible here. This is an HDR stack (using Photoshop HDRPro) of 5 exposures with the 35mm Canon Photo by: Alan Dyer/VW PICS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Down East scored five runs and then got rained out in the second inning. That sucks.

Hickory had Cole Ragans get the start, and he threw four scoreless before getting in trouble in the fifth and getting pulled. His final line was 2 runs in 4.1 IP with 4 hits, 3 walks and 6 Ks. Mark Parker said Ragans started the game off very strong but started struggling with his command by the fourth, then got knocked out in the fifth.

Jonthan Ornelas had a single and a double, Frainyer Chavez had a double, and Kellen Strahm had two hits.

Hickory box score:,game_tab=,game=643366

For Frisco, Hans Crouse started and allowed three runs in four innings of work, allowing five hits, including two home runs, with two walks and six Ks. Blake Bass struck out one in 2.1 scoreless IP, walking two. Fernery Ozuna struck out four in 2.2 IP.

Sherten Apostel had a pair of home runs. Josh Stowers had a double and two home runs. Matt Whatley had a walk, a single and a home run. J.P. Martinez had a single and a double.

Frisco box score:,game_tab=,game=647427

Brock Burke had his best start of the year for Round Rock, allowing one run in five innings of work on a solo homer, striking out seven and walking two. Leody Taveras picked up one of the three Express hits on the day.

Round Rock box score:,game_tab=,game=644776