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PTBNL in Mariners deal has been named

The Rangers have acquired shortstop Andres Mesa from the Seattle Mariners as the player to be named later in the Rafael Montero trade

Hauling Coal At Night From Black Mesa Strip Mine

The Texas Rangers have received Andres Mesa as the player to be named later in the December, 2020, trade that sent Rafael Montero to the Seattle Mariners, it was announced today.

The Rangers traded Montero to the Mariners on December 15, 2020, and a player to be named later in a deal must be selected within six months, under MLB rules, so the Rangers apparently waited until the last possible moment to make their pick. The Rangers also received pitcher Jose Corniell from the Mariners at the time the deal was announced.

Both Mesa and Corniell were part of the Mariners’ 2019-20 J-2 class. Corniell received a $630,000 signing bonus at the time, with BA describing him as a big, hardthrowing righthanded sinker ball pitcher. Mesa is a shortstop who received a $500,000 signing bonus, getting praise for his athleticism, speed and arm.

The Rangers have indicated that Mesa will start the year with one of the club’s DSL squads. BA had a story earlier today saying that AZL action will begin on June 28 — two weeks from today — while DSL play will begin on July 12.