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Frisco notes 6/26

Brief notes from the Rangers’ AA affiliate

Texas Rangers Summer Workouts Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
  • Welcome to LSB: After Midnight. Cue up the smooth jazz.

  • Cole Winn, Josh Jung, Bubba Thompson, Steele Walker, Anderson Tejeda... and those are just the ones that were in the lineup today. Frisco is stuffed fulla prospects at the moment, six of the top 11 in the system (seven if you count the injured Davis Wendzel). Plus David Dahl on some rehab starts. Intrigue all around

  • That could be why the franchise’s President of Baseball Operations was in attendance tonight. JD was with one of his kids though, so maybe it was just dad duty.

  • Cole Winn was very Cole Winny. Lot of sliders and changeups tonight, only two curveballs that I saw. Fastball topped out at 95, slider and change both around 85-86. Both of those were effective. Only allowed one hit through five scoreless innings, struck out seven, walked one (in an at-bat where he threw four strikes; home plate ump had a hell of a time tonight, both sides were displeased with him).
  • Still working on the mustache
  • Strikeouts: change, change, change, fastball, slider, slider, change. (Embiggened version)

  • Josh Jung had the day off yesterday, back in today. On Thursday he ripped a high fastball for his first double of the year, tonight he ripped a higher fastball for a bombshot to left field. Followed that up with a nice leaping play at third in the next inning.
  • Hardnosed scouting: he looks great in a baseball uniform. Very basebally. Maybe it’s the brick-red RoughRiders aesthetic that suits him.

  • Bubba Thompson went 1-3 with 2 BBs and what wound up being a walk-off double, but the most impressive thing I saw from him tonight was when he was all-out booking it down the first baseline trying to beat out an infield single that would’ve kept the inning going. He is extremely fast. They got him by a hair, he didn’t like it, but thankfully, for everyone’s sake, there’s no replay review in the minor leagues.

  • If you haven’t already, you need to introduce yourself to relief prospect Nick Snyder. 19th rounder in 2017, 25 years old, and an absolute gasser. Fastball mostly 98-99 tonight, got up to 100 once. Slider is at 86-87 with sharp break and it plays up with the spicy fastball, especially to righties. Really wonder where he’d be right now if not for the lost season. He could move quickly.
  • When he entered the game a couple in their 40s/50s came down and sat in the row I was in a few seats away from me. Noticed they were /quite/ interested in this random Frisco bullpen pitcher, unlike 95% of the other people in attendance. It was his parents. Chatted them up a bit, they seemed like nice people. Mom was very nervous. I told them, uhhh, not a lot of guys can throw like Nick.

  • Fernery Ozuna has been struggling. Pre-season reports were saying that he had triple-digit potential but he hasn’t really sniffed that. Earlier in the season he was 95-96 tops and tonight he was around 92-94 with wobbly control. Hit a guy, walked a guy, then allowed a three-run go-ahead homer in the 9th inning. He hasn’t looked great. But that was about the only downside from tonight.

  • That walk-off Bubba double was weird. Jax Biggers was on first and the ball was roped into the left field corner. I didn’t see it live and none of the replays got it, but apparently Padres’ prospect CJ Abrams must have tripped or impeded Biggers somehow, because Biggers straight up ate it halfway between second and third. He got up and was sent home and was thrown out by a mile, but credit both the field ump and RoughRiders manager/3B coach Jared Goedert for being right on it. Abrams was called for obstruction and there ya have it, your standard walk-off fielder’s interference.
  • Bubba was credited with a double but actually made it to third on the play, because, yknow, fast.
  • Final score 5-4, Frisco’s 9th straight win. They are a fun, fun group to watch, even when wins and losses are secondary.