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Week 13 Recap: The Rangers Turn It Around

Things got better

Kansas City Royals v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Season record: 30-48

Week 13 record: 5-2

Series record: 8-15, 2 split

The Rangers had a turn around week and hopefully it’s one they can hold on to once they leave Arlington.

They started off the week with a four game series against the Oakland Athletics, who had been a top spot in the division tied with Houston, coming into the series. Luckily for the Rangers they managed to split the series.

Texas then went on to sweep the weekend series against the Kansas City Royals, a team who they lost to in the Opening Series of the season.

A lot of this was in thanks to Joey Gallo who had an amazing offensive week. Gallo hit four home runs, drove in seven runs, and walked seven times last week in 29 plate appearances and struck out just nine times. His OPS was 1.346 and he made some run saving catches in the outfield as well.

In bad news, Willie Calhoun suffered a fractured forearm in Saturday’s game after being hit by a pitch in the second inning. He was put on the 10-day injured list and Jason Martin was called back up.

Earlier this week, the Rangers announced their Hall of Fame Inductees for 2021. The 23rd person inducted in will be the future-first-ballot-MLB-Hall-of-Famer Adrian Beltre and the 24th will be the voice of the Texas Rangers, Chuck Morgan.

The ceremony will take place on August 14, before the Rangers take on the Athletics. This was not a happy accident, as Beltre reportedly requested a date in which Texas would play Oakland, so little brother Elvis Andrus could be in town for the ceremony,