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New mock draft has Rangers going pitcher

Jim Callis has a new mock draft out with the Rangers going college pitcher at #2

Oregon, Crater Lake National Park, Wizard Island, Crater Lake Photo by: Bernard Friel/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

2021 MLB Mock Draft: Jim Callis has his latest draft projection up, and he has Vanderbilt righthander Jack Leiter going to the Texas Rangers with the #2 overall selection.

Callis’s newest mock continues to show how in flux the top of the draft is — he has Marcelo Mayer going #1 to the Pittsburgh Pirates, and says that his floor is the Detroit Tigers at #3, while he has Oklahoma prep pitcher Jackson Jobe going to the Tigers at #3 in this mock.

Leiter’s Vandy rotation mate Kumar Rocker goes #6 to the Arizona Diamondbacks in this projection, while Dallas Jesuit prep shortstop Jordan Lawlar, seen as a potential first overall pick, slides to the Kansas City Royals at #7, though Callis says Lawlar would likely want more than slot money at #7 to sign.

Along with Leiter, the draft-eligible sophomore (or redshirt freshman, really, given he gets an extra year of eligibility after last year’s truncated college season) who barring something exceptional is seen as a lock to go in the top five, Callis also mentions the Rangers as being very interested in North Carolina prep shortstop Khalil Watson, who he has going to the Colorado Rockies at #8. The Rangers have been linked with Watson recently, though how much of that is legitimate, and how much of that is the Rangers looking to create leverage, who knows.

And again, remember the draft is still over a month away, and a lot will change. So don’t get too wedded to any scenario.