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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Maybe only the worst it’s ever been

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Texas Rangers v Detroit Tigers Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Good morning.

Congratulations! You’re watching some of the worst baseball that the Texas Rangers have ever played.

If we all live to see the Rangers play good baseball again, this will be important for context. Right now, however, it just sucks.

The Rangers have the league’s longest current losing streak of six games but the real slide has come since the All-Star break where Texas is winless over four contests and have been outscored 39-2 with only a meaningless ninth inning Eli White home run in the second half’s opener preventing Texas from going scoreless altogether.

According to the AP, the Rangers are first team in over a century to allow at least 29 runs in three consecutive shutout losses. If they don’t figure out Tarik Skubal and the Tigers tonight, they could become the first team to suffer four straight shutout losses period since 1900.

The DMN’s Joseph Hoyt writes that while the sweep in Buffalo to the Blue Jays was bleak, it wasn’t 14-0 bleak like the loss in Detroit on Monday night.

Kennedi Landry recaps the latest disaster that had manager Chris Woodward embarrassed and Kyle Gibson’s ERA ballooning by nearly a full run.

Stefan Stevenson notes that the third consecutive shutout loss is indeed an Arlington-era franchise worst.

Landry writes that Woodward and the Rangers aren’t ready to ditch their veterans in the rotation as they opt for continuity for now.

Before last night’s bludgeoning, Stevenson wrote that Woodward was hoping that the Rangers would show some pride and use the terrible series in Buffalo as motivation against the Tigers. Narrator: They did not.

Mark Feinsand compiles a trade chip for each team with Gibson named for Texas even though he allowed eight runs last night.

FanGraphs has begun their top 50 player trade value series with Joey Gallo listed as an honorable mention due to his proximity to free agency.

Hoyt notes that the Rangers saved some bonus pool money to put into their Jack Leiter fund with their draft signings yesterday.

And, speaking of Leiter, Keith Law has the No. 2 overall selection as a player who immediately goes to the top of his team’s prospect rankings, but Law also makes note of the improved stock of Cole Winn so there’s your thing to smile about today.

Have a nice day!