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Thoughts on a 14-0 Rangers loss

Tigers 14, Rangers 0

Texas Rangers v Detroit Tigers Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Tigers 14, Rangers 0

  • I don’t even know what to say right now.
  • Its not been a good season. Texas went through a 7-28 stretch earlier this year. But there have been stretches of decent play, periodic signs of life, moments that give hope.
  • But this defies words.
  • The Rangers have been shut out three games in a row for the first time in their history. Once can say, well, two of those three games were of the seven inning variety, but even still, I have little confidence than an extra four innings would have changed things.
  • The Rangers have been outscored 29-0 in the last three games. They’ve been outscored 39-2 in the four games in the second half of the season. Only a ninth inning Eli White home run on Friday has kept the Rangers from being shut out in four straight games, from being scoreless in the second half.
  • Texas scored one run in the final game of the first half. They are currently riding a six game losing streak, and have lost nine of their last eleven games.
  • The Rangers hitters picked up four hits, drew no walks, and struck out ten times against Casey Mize and a collection of four relievers who each have an ERA over 5.
  • Kyle Gibson, a deserving All Star this year, gave up eight runs. Brett Martin, a guy who had a quality first half and has been one of the team’s most solid and reliable relievers, faced five hitters and gave up five hits.
  • Its baffling, frustrating, maddening.
  • The benchmark I always use for Rangers offensive futility is September 2009, when the Rangers scored one run in a five game stretch. That felt bizarre, inexplicable, like fate and the universe were conspiring to vex us.
  • This post-Break stretch though...I’ve got nothing. I thought that 7-28 stretch was the low point, the nadir, was when this team hit rock bottom.
  • I may have been wrong.