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Rangers draft picks Cauley, Moller sign

The Rangers have now signed seven of their first ten draft picks

Texas Rangers v Toronto Blue Jays - Game 2 Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Texas Rangers 2021 draft picks Cameron Cauley and Ian Moller have signed, per reports (and the players’ own Instagram accounts). This is not a surprise, as both were expected to sign for above slot deals.

Cauley is the team’s third round pick out of Mt. Belvieu. A prep shortstop, he was committed to Texas Tech, but will be heading to Surprise, Arizona, instead. He is reportedly getting a $1 million bonus.

Moller, the Rangers’ fourth rounder, is a high school catcher out of Iowa with a big arm, big power, and big contact issues. He’s a high-upside/high-risk guy who was committed to LSU. He is reportedly getting a $700,000 bonus.

You can see how those reported bonuses impact the Rangers’ overall pool in the chart below.

Name Round Position School Slot value Bonus amount Overage/Savings
Jack Leiter 1 RHP Vanderbilt $7,789,900.00
Aaron Zavala 2 OF Oregon $1,952,300.00
Cameron Cauley 3 SS Barbers Hill HS $857,400.00 $1,000,000.00 $ 142,600.00
Ian Moller 4 C Wahlert HS $565,600.00 $700,000.00 $ 134,400.00
Mitchell Bratt 5 LHP GA Premier Acad $418,200.00 $850,000.00 $ 431,800.00
Chase Lee 6 RHP Univ. of Alabama $312,400.00 $75,000.00 $ (237,400.00)
Bradford Webb 7 RHP VCU $243,000.00 $10,000.00 $ (233,000.00)
Larson Kindreich 8 LHP Biola College $191,500.00
Liam Hicks 9 C Arkansas State $161,400.00 $30,000.00 $ (131,400.00)
C.J. Widger 10 LHP Rowan College $149,300.00 $20,000.00 $ (129,300.00)
Jojo Blackmon 11 OF Escambia HS $ -
Jackson Leath 12 RHP U of Tennessee $ -
Thomas Ireland 13 LHP Polk State JC $ -
Tucker Mitchell 14 C St Col of FL JC $ -
Evan Elliott 15 RHP Lethbridge JC $ -
Ryan Ure 16 LHP Eaton HS $ -
Michael Alfonso 17 SS Key West HS $ -
Kyle Larsen 18 RHP TNXL Academy $ -
Will Taylor 19 OF Dutch Fork HS $ -
Joseph Montalvo 20 RHP CPC Academy $ -
Total $12,641,000.00 $2,685,000.00 -$22,300.00

The remaining unsigned players in the first ten rounds are Jack Leiter, Aaron Zavala, and Larson Kindreich — all three are expected to sign. If, for whatever reason, one of them doesn’t sign, the Rangers lose the pool money associated with those picks. Players selected after the 10th round have no slot money associated with their pick, and thus there is no loss of pool money if the Rangers fail to sign one of them (and we already know that at least one player, 19th round Will Taylor, is going to college rather than signing). Any amounts paid to a player above $125,000 after the 10th round are applied to the team’s bonus pool money.