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Minor league update for 7/21/21

Some minor league results better than the major league ones

Group Karok baskets some with decorative woven patterns and some with lids, c1923. Native American Indian. Photograph by Edward Curtis (1868-1952). ... Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images

Down East played a pair Wednesday. In Game One, Destin Dotson went three innings, allowing one run, striking out four and walking one.

Dustin Harris went three for five with a pair of home runs. Thomas Saggese had a home run and a pair of walks. Alejandro Osuna had a single and two doubles. Angel Aponte and Luisangel Acuna each had a pair of hits.

Marc Church struck out three in two innings in Game Two. Jayce Easley had two hits, and Jose Acosta had a hit and a walk.

Down East Game 1 box score

Down East Game 2 box score

Seth Nordlin started for Hickory. Nordlin went 4.2 IP allowing two runs on two walks, seven hits and a home run.

Miguel Aparicio homered. David Garcia had a walk, a single, a double and a homer. Blaine Crim had a homer. Jonathan Ornelas had three hits. Jake Guenther had a pair of hits and a walk.

Hickory box score

Our man Hans Crouse got the nod for Frisco on Wednesday. Crouse allowed two runs in five innings of work, walking four and striking out seven. Ty Thomas allowed a hit and a walk in 0.2 IP. Nick Snyder allowed a run in 1.1 IP, blowing his ERA all the way up to 1.38 on the year, and struck out two. Fernery Ozuna allowed a run in 2 IP, striking out two.

Josh Jung had a homer and a walk. Bubb Thompson had a single and a double. Anderson Tejeda had a double and a homer. Sam Huff had a hit.

Frisco box score