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Thursday Morning Links

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MLB: Game 2-Texas Rangers at Toronto Blue Jays Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Woodward and Jon Daniels had some things to say about all the losing the Rangers are doing, including comparing the flow state of winners to panthers that are about to kill their prey.

Jamey Newberg hosts a discussion with David O’Brien and Kaitlyn McGrath wherein they plumb the depths of the possibilities of a hypothetical Joey Gallo trade.

Chris Woodward was praising Joey Gallo’s grit and fight despite the fact that this is a pretty demoralizing season.

Jordan Lyles saved the bullpen from running out 4 or 5 guys last night, but that doesn’t mean he was good.

Third rounder Cameron Cauley and fourth rounder Ian Moller have signed and are ready to get to work giving us something positive to think about.